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denied due to misconduct for forgery (Maryland)

by Samantha

I was denied because my employer fired me because while trying to file for social services benifits due to being out for maternity leave. I had typed up a letter with the information social services needed with all intention of having my boss sign the letter. I know that she would have so thats why a I tried to save her the time and did the letter myself. At social services I told my worker to call my manager since i had not had her sign the letter. I forgot to have her do so. Since it was on thier letterhead and had her name and title they said it was fraudly written. I did not sign her name at all. I had no intention of doing any sort of thing, now they fired me and i am denied benifits. I never even returned after maternity leave. So they actually fired me while I was still on maternity leave. What can I do? Is there any way to get benifits? I also believe I was not going to be let back due to my son was sick and I had health issues and they thought I would be missing time. Thank you SAMANTHA

Hi Samantha,

I just don't know of anything to say that would be helpful.

I read and then reread your story. It's sounds to me like you did in fact make an attempt at forging a document from the employer.

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