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denied in California for first federal extension

by J
(California Unemployment Benefits)

I was recently denied for my first fed extension through emergency unemployment compensation. It states that because I didn't have earnings more than 40 times my weekly benefit amount OR 1.5 times my highest quarter recorded. I moved to california shortly before my job began in February 2010. Before then I was a college student. How is it legal to discriminate on receiving FEDERAL benefits based on earnings. My earnings did exceed 40 times in general but not for my claim recorded for that time period. Now I have to file a appeal and am out of money and cannot afford a attorney. Can you spread any light on my situation before I send my appeal letter off?

If you can thanks.

Sorry J,

Federal extensions are something I avoid having to try to explain .. mostly because the rules seem to constantly change with the next new extension.

What, are they trying to push you into a "2nd benefit year" with a lower WBA?

I just leave it to

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