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Denied in New Jersey full time student

by Bob
(New Jersey)

Hi I have been denied UI in NJ. I was on UI and then decided to go to school after receiving a letter sent to me from UI saying Obama urges school and benefits will continue. I had an interview over the phone to approve school. After the interview I received a letter it stated my field or degree "law enforcement" is not "in demand". I have only four classes left for my degree and that's what I am taking. I said I was willing to work and seeking working. Whats should I do drop a class? How can I win this appeal. I have child support that comes out of my UI of 150 per week. UI also wants back pay that I was paid while attending school full time.

Hi Bob,

It's too late to drop a class at least for the past benefits. I am curious as to why you have an overpayment issue .. but how can I win my appeal hearing is not a "free type question" around here.

If NJ had a precedent manual .. I'd tell you to look for Able and Available decisions .. you might go to to look for some or fool around with NJ's OPRA .. which to me is worthless.

As far as the overpayment issue .. you might want to take a look at "overpayments" at the USDOL and see if there's any chance NJ gives you an opportunity for a wavier.

Personally, if I were you and you are going to school for "law enforcement" .. I'd contact a lawyer .. just to take every precaution that an overpayment is ruled a "fraud overpayment".

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