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Denied UI becuase of SSD

by Sharon
(Portland, OR)

In 2008 I was awarded perm. disablity from SS within 3 months. I choose to do a ticket to work and found a new job which was full time. I did this job for almost 3 years when I found that my pain level would not allow me to work full time. I then went to part time in Jan of 2011 and my employer allowed me reduce to 20 hours per week. In June my employer laided me off. UI denied my unemployment because they said that I am only willing to accept part time work, because I want my disablity check. If I am disabled how am I able to work full time? They state that you can draw UI if disabled and only able to work part time on their web page, but then state that I am denied becuase I am not willing to give up my disablity check and look for full time work. This case is in OR. What should I do?

Hi Sharon,

First write a simple appeal letter per Oregon's specific instructions about appeal letter.

And then get your medical documentation which is restricting you to part-time work only and detailing any physical limitation as to what you can or can't do for a job in order, so you will be ready to submit it for the unemployment hearing.

If you have that documentation now .. submit it with the appeal letter.


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