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developing a medical condition that keeps you from performing your essential job duties?

by Brandi
(Great Falls, Montana)

During the years that I have been employed with the state of Montana I have developed severe fibromyalgia. While I am able to work with the pain, the "fibro-fog" mental unclearity is causing BIG problems with the accuracy and timeliness of my work. My employer hasn't said anything about firing me. I haven't even been disciplined. I think she understands because she has fibromyalgia too. Of course my condition is medically documented. I just want to know if it is possible to quit and receive UI while I search for a new job or apply for disability (which will most likely be denied) I am also considering vocational rehab services to transition into another profession. I currently work in social services.

Hi Brandi,.

Medically documented isn't quite the same thing as having a medical recommendation to leave the work because it is not suitable or harmful to your medical condition.

I cannot find a precedent manual for MT, but the statute which references an individual's illness as being good cause for quitting .. contains language which I think could very well prohibit you from doing what you would like to do .. if collecting benefits is what you are wanting to do.

Disqualifications for benefits in Montana.

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Jan 16, 2012
My issue with unemloyment
by: Anonymous

I also have fibromyalgia and live in Maine. I have been out of work for 14 months applying for disability, have not applyed for unemployment at anytime. My annoyance with the fact people who have worked only 2-3 years are able to sit on there butts and get unemployment for the last 1-2 years and WE don't qualify. WE may have worked over half or lives but we are not eligible to receive a benefit we have earned and that our employers paid for. WE did not ask for fibromyalgia, WE do want to work but CAN'T. Not that disability or unemployment seem to care. These people need to know something very important,YOU CANNOT EARN UNEMPLOYMENT ON UNEMPLOYMENT!!!

Oh come on.. what a attitude .. to throw a blanket over the whole of those unemployed and portray them as sitting on their butts.

And to think .. that group of people still includes 2/3 of all those over 50 laid off that still can't find a job and actually managed to exhaust 99 weeks of benefits after a lifetime of work experience.

Your issue should be with the SSA .. I just read recently that 60 percent of all disability appeals wind up denying the claim again.

I'm sorry for how things are going for you right now and that unemployment benefits can't work for you, but then UI benefits and disability benefits are meant to cover two life situations.

Find disability advocate ..

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