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Did I loose unemployment benefits by accepting freelance work?

by Emily

I have been collecting unemployment but have had the opportunity to pick up a freelance project while I continue to look for full time employment. The freelance, comes and goes and can be for two hours during the day, 10 hours total a week, or nothing. It is spur of the moment and does not interfere with interviews or my availability.

On my unemployment claim form, I claimed my earnings from the freelance and now I have an "interview" three weeks from now to determine if I am eligible for benefits.I thought picking up work here and there would be great, I won't get paid from the state but earn a little more than my benefits. Did I loose benefits by accepting the random work?

Hi Emily,

No, you didn't loose benefits, but when you make more than your weekly benefit amount .. you won't get a partial amount. It's week by week. California disregard the first 25 percent of earnings before they start reducing, dollar for dollar the WBA. Earnings don't cancel benefits, but the credits remain .. it's easy to exhaust benefits before the claim year ends if you don't pick up work.

The phone interview is probably just because the EDD needs to find out what kind of work and if it's keeping you from being able and available and maybe they might want to know if you have continued to look for a job.

You did it right, but you know, they have to protect from fraud or potential overpayments. Just be truthful and keep filing for continued benefits and report all earnings.


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