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Did I quit for a personal reason or domestic abuse

by Alyce

I have an unemployment hearing come up next week. I voluntarily quit my position and moved to another state. I quit my job I felt for personal reasons. I was in a very terrible domestic violence situation. I missed many days of work due to this issue and finally I came to work with swollen face and bruisd eyes. My employer noticed and immediately sent me to E.A.P progam which I attented (twice) however the situation only grew worse. I eventually got away from the abuser but was very emotionally unstable and frigthened for my life after I obtained the PFA. Also while I was going through this the abuser then unexpectedly died of cancer. I tried hard to maintain my employment but I was threatened constantly before the cancer and I was afraid for my life. I stayed in my position after the abuser passed but my mental state of mind left me unable to concentrate at work. I would like to know how I could possibly explain this to the hearing officer and perhaps win my case. I moved to another state and tried to gather my bearings.


You explained it well Alyce, however I'm not sure if Alabama is the state you moved from, or to.

Voluntarily quitting to escape domestic violence can be good cause in 38
out of 50 states, but Alabama is still among the 12 that do not have a special provision giving an individual the ability to prove good cause to escape an abuser should also pay unemployment benefits.

A woman who has been in your situation, or any person with a heart would likely understand that a change in surroundings may of been important to to you to get your bearings back, but that the abuser died, seems it effectively eliminated the potential for good cause to escape domestic abuse, even if you moved from a state with the special provision.

See Table 5-4 for a complete list of states allowing good personal cause to quit due to domestic violence.

However, as always, I feel compelled to say once again, having good cause and proving good cause, are two different things.

The most important piece of advice I give to employees is to document .. document .. document any problems arising with the employment. You just never know when/if it will come in handy at an unemployment appeal .. for which it is important to explore "legal" avenues of thinking.

Any chance you were seeing a medical professional who advised you to leave the area to help with your emotional recovery?

Regardless the outcome of benefits Alyce, I wish you all the best going forward.


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