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Discharged because front office was going in different direction??

by Cindy
(North carolina)

I worked for a company that was located 8 miles from my home. Owner sold buiness and moved it 45 miles from my home. I was offered a position with new company. I accepted and made the drive daily. I was a salary employee. Very informal office, I was the only employee in the front office and "ran" every aspect of the company. Worked for one year this owner was not making any money and I was the highest paid employee in the business, a new employee was hired at about half of my weekly salary. I was to show her everything b/c of my upcoming vacation. Upon returning from vacation, I attempted to check on the company orders through various websites, websites that I created and were in my name. All the passwords would not work. I thought that someone had trouble logging in and I was locked out, reset the passwords, found that my name and information had been removed and the new girls name was there, immediately made a call to my boss to find out what was going on...I was told that the front office was going in a different direction without my services, there were a couple of mistakes that I had made in the past but they were minor non documented items. Now I am waiting for my unemployment determination. What if the employer lies and makes stuff up about my conduct or performance. Again, no written documents exist to document any problem I may have caused. I am afraid he is going to use the "changing of passwords" against me. I changed them before I knew I was let go. Because the

passwords changed so many times and the new girl did not know the hints, etc, they were locked out of the websites for a few days, I received a threatening phone call from one of the illegal Mexicans employed in the processing area to not mess with the owner b/c he would come after me, just sit back and collect my unemployment and that I had worked very hard. I have had no contact with them since. My claim is being reviewed sometimes this week. I'm afraid they are going to take his word over mine....Do you think that is possible or can they see through the lies?

Thank you
Cindy, NC


You are asking me to speculate about what the unemployment department will decide if presented with lies from the employer.

It use to be that I would tell anyone not to worry because documentation is or use to be a crucial element to initially deny a claim.

Such is not the case anymore .. in fact, I have a very dim view of unemployment departments these days. .. My subjective feelings are finding release
on this page these days.

Whatever happens .. appeal if necessary or prepare for the employer appeal.

How you will prove an employer lie as a lie .. is all in the details, documentation, and or witnesses you have available to you.

And you should not be hesitant to fight back in whatever way you can .. except of course .. by creating bad karma for yourself by being as dishonest and unethical as some employers tend to be.

That's how you lose your soul by default. Unemployment benefits are hardly worth that price.

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