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Discharged because I am now an Un-Insurable Driver

by Bill

I worked for 2yrs and was suddenly called in and fired on the spot for having a bad driving record. The company auto insurance dropped me from their policy for having 3 moving violations in a 3yr period.

Am I eligible to collect Unemployment?

Hi Bill,

Since the details matter in your case and it requires time to ask you questions just to find a possibility to research your issue, I'm going to refer you to the Maryland unemployment decision digest. It's a good state resource for anyone needing to research for themselves if they have a shot at being found eligible in Maryland.

Some things I think you should keep in mind ..

What the employer's rule is exactly as far as driving records.

Has the employer changed their insurance carrier recently?

When and what was the third moving violation for? Accident?? While performing your job??

Do you still have a license which is required to do the job you were hired for?

And finally, were you warned previously or made aware that if you received another moving violation that you would be fired.

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