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Discharged for misconduct and for violation of a company policy.

by Jenny

I was terminated for violating a company rule at a hospital. I looked at my own medical record, my sons medical record and a friends with their permission. I never gave out any of the medical information that I seen. my determination letter also states Misconduct. I was truthful when I was called into the HR department when I was questioned. I have never been repremanded for any other complaints or problems. I have been aware of the confidentiality statement from my work in 2003.

It states that I agree only to access information that is needed to do my job, or is consistant with my privleges. Which I do have a User ID and a password that was issued to me. It also states that I would not talk about confidential information where others can over hear. It states not to disclose or discuss confidential information. I never did this at all.
I am wondering why they wouldnt give a warning first before termination, and will I be able to get unemployment benefits because of this.

Hi Jenny,

Were you discharged for a HIPAA violation? It's best to be specific when talking about rule violations.

It's also best to at least provide the language of the rule .. wouldn't you agree?

Otherwise, what could I possibly add except a whole lot of questions meant as an attempt to define what the problem really was ..

If the employer didn't warn you it's probably because they don't have to warn you per their own policy and HIPAA is not a set of rules defined by the employer .. it's a law which governs them and they must depend on employees to adhere to this law.

It's possible the employer believes you pose more of a liability to them as an employee than as an unemployment claimant.

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