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by latonya
(temecula, ca, us)

I have not quit my job yet, because I am not sure if I will receive unemployment. Recently, my employer cut my hours and gave me more work to do and every month we reach a goal, set by the employer, we receive a bonus; this month the employer did not give me a bonus. Is the recent actions of my boss enough reason for me to quit and receive unemployment?

I would also like to mention that I stay in California, but work in Georgia via internet.

Why do you think that might be discrimination .. are you the only one not receiving a bonus?

Lots of people telecommute .. which state do you pay taxes for?

Comments for discrimination?

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Sep 20, 2011
please help!! this just happened on 9-19-11
by: Anonymous

hi, i have been requesting a weekend for two months now and haven't received one reason told was because they needed us due to short of staff which is true but then another girl received two weekends one right after the other.. would u say this is discrimination.. im not sure if i should add this but my manager is from africa and so is the coworker that received the weekends off.. his reason for her getting the weekend was because she was going to go shopping and was going to leave from california to africa in the next 2 weeks is this fair because i truely dont think so i have talked to the corporate office to let them know that this was happening and they simply just said it was excusable because she was leaving town in a couple of weeks and wanted to go out.. what do u think really unhappy about how this was handled..this girl was an international student that came down do california to work for 3 months i want to know your opinion.. thank u


You only think you want to know my opinion. But it is obvious to me .. you're willing to assert just about anything to support what I'd call a lame argument for a weekend off.

If you truly thought you were being discriminated against .. you'd know what discrimination is at least in some sense, and you'd have told me why you want a weekend off.

I don't believe you need a weekend off for any good reason or you would have told me all about it.

No, I don't think you want my opinion .. I think you're looking for someone to reassure you that you're right and the employer is wrong.

No way, will you be getting that from me.

Go back to work, and be grateful you have a job.

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