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Disqualified preparing for appeal hearing Quit to follow spouse.

by Timothy

I was disqualified for unemployment because I quit my job in Arkansas to move to Mississippi with my wife because she was accepted to graduate school. I don't know about all graduate schools but this one is considered to students as a job. They get paid bi-monthly, taxes are taking out, have medical insurance, and etc. How should i go about handling my appeal hearing.

Hi Timothy,

I'm referring people to another source when asked about quitting to follow a spouse. But you should verify this information is applicable to you.

Although I couldn't find a date that is associated with the specific provision that allows VQ's in Arkansas for personal compelling reasons. This includes recent changes by state and Arkansas is included.

I also changed the state name you are from because if you quit in Arkansas, it should be Arkansas unemployment law that makes the determination.

Unless you need my help, I will leave the argument of what the state might consider "compelling" circumstances to you.

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