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Do I have a good cause to quit because my employer refused to give me a raise?

Question: Do I have a good cause to quit because my employer refused to give me a raise?

I was hired in 2010 as a temp to assist customer service rep on one account. I proved myself, learned printing very well and became permanent.

Last year, I was promoted. They gave me two accounts on top of the two I had.

The girl who used to have those two accounts was making 50,000.

I am making $37,000 and double the work. I asked for a salary increase and they denied. Making $37,000 is so little for what I do.

I get great feed backs from clients constantly and people at work know how hard I work. I always offer my help and help everyone. I can't even pay for after care for my 2 school girls and baby boy who is 2.
Do I have a good cause to quit?


I sincerely cannot tell you if you would have good cause or not as that's not something easily determined without details related to unemployment given for something not your fault.

I I were you, I'd explore the conditions going on inside the employment and forget about unemployment rules for the time being

Point being .. I don't think you would collect as thing stand now.

Just one question. Did the employer ever promise you a raise they failed to give you.. preferably in writing?

I can tell you now though the cost of the childcare issue you raised is barking up the wrong tree because you did accept the position at 37,000.

And why do you think how much someone else makes is relevant to good cause to quit and collect unemployment benefits?

All sorts of reasons that could be without legitimate merits.

Maybe they've been there longer, maybe they are just better at salary negotiation than you, maybe they have more experience.

Just too many maybes and no mention of something real, besides resentment.

Nothing even begins to sound like good cause to quit.

You say it's a lot of work .. but that's the disadvantage of being a salaried employee .. vs. a non-exempt hourly employee entitled to overtime wages.


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Feb 26, 2013
They even said it I am underpaid
by: Anonymous

Doesn't a promotion mean salary increase? They did promised me a raise but of course it is not in writing.

How long ago was the promotion exactly?

Sep 11, 2013
answer still debatable
by: Anonymous

all I can add to the subject is take your time research the statues or rule that govern the issue I quit because boss said I was getting a raise.

I waited 3 months. Finally, boss says you have nothing in writing which I did not-

I quit. Bad decision on my part. They don't play fair and I believe the agency is pro employer and makes it very hard to show good cause. Not sure what they will decide but if I could take it back I would do it differently.... washington state ......

Good advice Washington State. Protect your interest while you're an employee ..

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