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Do I have to accept part time employment

I am collecting unemployment benefits and looking for full time work every week, My local worksource office is directing me to apply for a part time job (20-32 hours) this job has various shifts and days off. (oncall),

If this was a full time job I would accept it in a second!

My question is - Do I have to accept this job if offered it?
I'm I going to lose my benefits if I refuse this job?
Do I have any rights in this matter?

I thought I only had to look for and accept full time work, I had a full time job when I was laid off.

Please help

Hi Jim,
Please tell me what state you collect unemployment benefit from.

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Dec 19, 2010
part time
by: Anonymous

Washington state

If your local worksource center is the one directing you .. you would be safe to assume the answer to your question is yes.

Refusing an offer to accept "suitable work" will stop your benefits cold. Refusing to apply for suitable work which the state employment office (worksource center) directs you to is also cause to stop your benefits cold.

Your job, while collecting unemployment is to look for work. Part-time employment doesn't stop unemployment benefits unless you make more that than your weekly benefit amount when taking a part-time job.

But if you are smart .. you will find out what Washington State unemployment laws mean by the term "suitable work" (See RCW 50.20.100) because if you do refuse work .. any appeal would be based upon the fact that the job was unsuitable.

Please see RCW 50.20.080 Disqualification for refusal to work.

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