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Do I have to keep a part-time job I took while being on Unemployment.?

I am currently on Unemployment in NJ and have been working a part-time job for 8 months. The job is way under my pay scale and abilities. Would I be allowed to quit my part-time job while still being on unemployment as it is more work than it is worth or am I obligated to keep such a job by unemployment. I don't want to hurt my current benefit claim. Thanks E

What you are proposing would not be good cause for quitting a job.

Quitting, subsequent to filing an unemployment claim and contining benefits are subject to disqualifications from subsequent work.

It might have been a job that wasn't "suitable work" as defined by NJ when you were offered the work and your decision to refuse it should have been made then, but when you accepted it and have worked there for 8 months .. it is your acceptance of the conditions of hire at that time, that will be the problem .. that good cause won't be found.

Just my opinion. If you like, you can ask a lawyer .. they might have a trick or two to suggest that might work.

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