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Do I have to repay Unemployment a portion of retro SSDI check?

I have been receiving unemployment benefits for one year in the state of AZ after being laid off in July 2009. I now have been approved for SSDI benefits after filing in May 2010. I understand that I am not legally allowed to collect both at the same time. My question is this. SSDI sent me a check that is retroactive 10 mos. Will I be required to repay unemployment with this retroactive disability payment?

Okay, the fact is that receiving SSDI is not in and of itself prohibitive to working in all types of jobs.

So, here's where I send people to understand about collecting SSI payments and unemployment at the same time.

Table 5-17 in the current year "Non-monetary" chartbook located at DOLETA.

I do so, because the issue of unemployment while collect some SSI payments differs in some states.

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