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Do I lose my benefits when I begin attending school part time? - California

by John
(San Francisco, California)

There is a question on my bi-weekly claim form asking if I started attending any school or training. Will this end my benefits once I start taking part time classes? Also, (a sneaky one here), In the next claim form period i will no longer have "started" any schooling as i will have already started previously.

What's your take on this?....Thanks for your service Chris!

Hi John,

The resource I use to check state by state on unemployment benefits while attending school is the USDOL Click the current year, then go to Nonmonetary Eligibility (Table 5-12)

The information at the USDOL says that California considers you ineligible for benefits if you "QUIT" a job to attend school .. unless it is state approved training or union apprenticeship school. It also say you are ineligible while attending school unless student has a part-time seek work plan (I have no idea what a part-time seek work plan is) or is available for full-time work in labor market during school.

So clearly, since you are currently receiving benefits the issue that will be raised when you tell them you are now attending school part-time is whether you are able and available for full-time work .. and of course still seeking it.

A problem will arise if they think you are limiting or restricting yourself from work due to school. This is why you need to read the California determination guide, which is linked to on this page. Once there, just click on "Able and Available" and read AA40 through.

Glad to help, Good Luck John!


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