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Do I qaulify for New York unemployment - Childcare Issues

by maria

I would like to know if i would qualify for unemployment. I just put in my two weeks notice, because my employer was not working with me with my hours at work. I have a 7year old daughter that has asthma along with a 8 month old babie. I have babysitting certain days and I told them once my maternity leave was over. everything was ok until they were forcing me to work days that I didnt have babysitting. I was tired of arguing I just put my two weeks notice. can you let me know if I can because my last day is Febuary 13 2010. I have 61/2 years with the company.

Hi Maria,

No, I can't tell you if you will qualify. I'd have to know a whole lot more than what you told me even to make a judgment call about what I think your chances are .. but ...

I can direct you to the NY Interpretation indexes to find out for yourself if your childcare issues has given you good cause to quit.

And just to be safe .. if you find out you don't have good cause .. check the section that talks about what happens if the employer were to not allow you to rescind your resignation.

There are circumstances where childcare issues do become good cause in NY, especially if you are a single parent. But anytime someone quits they first have to try to preserve the job.

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