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Do I qualify even if I am forced to take early retirement?

by Donna
(Tampa, FL)

I have worked with my company for 17 years. They recently cut my position. They gave me the option to work from home for $6 per hour less($20 to $14 per hour)This is not feasible for me. They allowed me to take early retirement instead. I am taking the lump sum payout of around $60,000. They are also including a 7 week severance in a lump sum payment as well. Can I qualify even if I took the early retirement. If so, would I have to wait 7 weeks to file after severance time even if it is a lump sum?

Hi Donna,

The relevant word is "forced to quit". I'm not exactly sure where Florida will come down on this .. because they don't want you all to know too much, but I would argue that the alternative to quitting was to take a job which paid 6 dollars less and hour. That is a substantial change to the conditions of employment.

Sure hope they put that offer in writing .. it just makes it easier when things are in writing.

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