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Do i qualify for unemployment insurance please see my appeal sent to edd

by Yolanda
(San Diego, CA. USA)

Employment Development Department July 06, 2010

Re: Notice of Determination.

I disagree with the departmental decision dated 06/29/2010.
The reason why I disagree is due to the fact that in order to maintain family unity I relocated to San Diego area where my prospective husband/fiancé has established our home. His job and my daughter’s college were she will continue her studies are also in San Diego, Calif. All three of us now share the same address.
It was impossible for me to pay for my rent in El Centro California where my job is located and in addition pay for my daughters rent in San Diego because she is not receiving any financial assistance and is unable to maintain a full time job with her course load.
Additionally, the driving distance would have been excessive and unpractical, this distance being 1 hour and 40 minutes/105.28 miles one way, totaling 3 hours and 20 minutes/ 210.56 miles per trip. 1,056 miles per week.
Cost per month from driving to and from work every day would have been $730.64 this will have been a significant decrease from my income.
A transfer from this Company was not available. I offered to commute 2 days a week and work from home 3 days a week and they refused and asked for me to turn
in my letter of resignation.

For all of the reasons listed above, I humbly ask that the Employment Development Department review my case and reconsider their previous decision.

Thanking you in advance,

Hi Yolanda,

I cannot provide a definitive yes or no to you, but I can link to pages of the

California unemployment determination guide which I believe to be relevant, even though, your letter looks like you have done your research .. by the way .. way to go Yolanda!!

But I see one weak link and I'll just tell you now that if you have documentation to prove any of the elements .. such as the cost of time, distance and cost or the transfer request and offer to commute 2 days a week send it with the appeal and add "Please see attached (# of pages) documentation .. in case they lose it.

Good Cause for quitting

When you have a compelling reason for moving

Marriage and impending marriage

Children being the reason

Financial difficulties

Reasonable alternatives or trying to preserve the employment

I think the weak link is mentioning your daughter who is in college. Narrow the focus to the issues that shouldn't present any doubt as to the real and legitimate motivators that the guide clearly expresses there should be good cause found.


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