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Do I qualify for unemployment?

I'm about to quit my job of two years because school does not have money to pay. They owe me two weeks and to the other teachers four weeks. Do I qualify for



Sounds like you're a teacher .. and if you are .. you should know there's special unemployment rules for people who work for educational institutions.

If you are not being paid you need to check your states labor laws for the requirements to rectify that situation.

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Apr 15, 2010
I quit now i would like to come back
by: Anonymous

I gave a two weeks notice to my employer last November of 09. Now this is April my employer will not hire me back, Can i still claim for UNEMPLOYMENT ?


Nothing can stop anyone from filing a claim, but I have a question for you ..

Why do think you deserve unemployment benefits?

You resigned. They don't have to hire you back if they don't want to and that .. has no bearing at all on whether you can get benefits or not .. the reason you quit is what the state is interested in.

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