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Do I qualify for unemployment...quit due to hostile work environment, after 2.5 years (details to follow)'s been over six months and cannot find another job?!

by Amy

I worked for a sub-contractor on the Navel Base locally. I loved the job...however, the first manager I had was rude, obnoxious and made tons of 'hidden' sexual comments. Luckily, he left and was replaced by a coworker. Soon however, the 'new' manager was doing much of the same...only in front of the other coworkers. (All coworkers were male) After several comments about my 'weight, chest size, family, boyfriend, etc' I spoke out and told him to stop...this was in front of other coworkers. I am known to be 'outspoken' at any rate. When he continually made comments to be 'funny', I would be sarcastic back. This went on for quite awhile. Last year, I'd had enough. I was told in front of other workers that I could be replaced by a 'trash can'...I spoke to the person who was 'second' in charge...and I spoke to a coworker at our corporate office, which was in CA (we are in FL) but never set in motion any grievences. The Union Steward for our office was the managers best friend, and he was wittness to alot of these silly comments. I grew more and more frustrated, was losing sleep, angry most of the time, caused friction at I quit. I didn't know there was a 'right' and 'wrong' way to quit. I gave up my pension, as I was only a few months from my 5 year mark for that, a raise was a few months away...I loved my job but could no longer work for such an arrogant jerk. Now, I can't find a job, don't have a letter of recommendation and have no recall to do anything legal. I'm sure the company did an investigation, however, he still works there...and I don't. It is my assumption that it became a 'he said, she said' and the other coworkers not wanting to 'make waves' didnt' back me up. I just want to know, after all this do I even qualify for benefits? Am I able to add all this to my claim?

Hi Amy,

Of course you can bring all this up as to why you quit, and it might even work if the employer chooses not to attend your hearing (notice I've already assumed you will initially be denied) or the jerk may show up and his ass.

I do know I go on and on about what I think is necessary to quit .. just to get UI benefits, but the one thing I don't talk about much because I do not want to encourage people to quit is that sometimes what you know about the employer can have an influence on how things turn out.

So please do file and at least make the effort to get benefits. If nothing else, it's a learning experience.

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