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Do I still get my benefits if I quit my part time job?

by Angie
(Los Angeles, Ca )

I got laid off from my full time job, I applied for UI and I got it. I have a part time job that I have had the entire time and I have been reporting my wages earned as requested.

My question is... will I still get unemployment if I quit my part time job since I am still looking for full time?

Hi Angie,

Great question. The part time job is your most "recent work" and to quit the job will raise an eligibility issue. If you quit the job without good cause they will impose a disqualification. Exactly what that will be...I don't know.

They could reduce the amount of benefits or possibly require you to return to work and earn x amount times your weekly benefit amount before you become eligible again, but that would depend on the circumstances you became separated from the subsequent employment you'd have to find to become eligible again.

Of course if you do have a compelling reason for quitting...according to California unemployment law, then you're good to go.

To get an idea of what may constitute good cause for quitting, read the California benefit determination guide.


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