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Do Ineed a Doctor's letter to support quitting...

by Jessica
(El Dorado Hills, CA USA)

I have several medical issues going on from rotator cuff surgery, neck issues and my need to get some epidurals, upper and lower back problems requiring chiropractic work, etc. I am planning to take time off work to try and recover and get healthy again.

My company just filed chapter 11 so I have resigned and applied for my retiree benefits after almost 30 years with the company. If there are no jobs available and I can't find one with another company due to my age and the economic environment will I be able to claim unemployment benefits until I can find more work?

Hi Jessica,

Because most states do not have disability unemployment insurance I don't know much about it, but I do know California does have it. It may be an option for you because a doctor note may say you can't work and being able and available for regular benefits is a requirement.

You can find the details about Disability UI benefits here

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