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Do you have to follow through with a two week notice?

by Vicki

I live in PA. I gave two weeks written notice that I was quitting my job to my employer, to accept a better and higher paying job. She stated that I could return to my job if things didn't work out. Things didn't work out and I was fired for a false reason. I applied for unemployment, under my first employer and was told that I did qualify (by UE) because I left my job for a good reason, and the 2nd employer couldn't prove their false allegations; but now the first employer is appealing the decision. They are stating that their reason for this appeal is that I didn't follow through with my two week notice. I did follow through with the two week notice, but during this 2 weeks - there was one day I called off as my daughter was ill and I couldn't bring her to day care. Does my calling off one day during this 2 weeks make a difference?

Hi Vicki,

I doubt it, especially considering the reason you called off. Out of curiosity .. did you work for a non-profit?

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