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Do you think I can quit my job in Florida if my hours are reduced from 40 to 15 per week?

by Diane

I am employed in the state of Florida. I have been working for this office now for 5 years. I have been a valued employee. In the five years I have been sick approximately 5 times. It is a one girl office so I respected that. He does have a bookkeeper that works through a 1099 that has been with him for 12 years that comes in when she feels she needs to. I have been congenial to all my clients, I have gone overboard in my respect for my boss. Last week I get a call at 8:30 in the morning from my boss letting me know that my hours have been cut and half. But he wants me to come in at 9:30 which is fine but I can not be here when the bookkeeper comes in after 12:30.
and I have to take Friday's off. Then over the weekend I get an email from him letting me know that my hours again are cut to 15 with the same stipulations. I will not have a set schedule which means even if I want to go look for another job I can't unless I quit. It looks like to me that he is waiting for me to quit because of the unemployment.
Also before this it was slow and since at that time I had a great relationship with him I told him as a favor to him I would clean the office on Monday's. He said Thank you that would
be great I appreciate it. It is a small office so not a big deal. Now he is telling me that it is my responsibility to clean the office in the 15 hours I am suppose to work a week. I am so much in shock that he could change that much in a few days. This gentlemen has enough money to live on the rest of his life in the life style he is used to which is a life style that anyone would want these days. Please let me know what I can do.


Hi Diane,

First, I have read decision which allowed unemployment in Florida for a 20% percent reduction in pay, and I suppose cutting your hours back from 40 to 15 would also be found with good cause, but some states seem to be taking the current labor market into consideration nowadays when making their decisions.

My suggestion is to file for partial unemployment.

The difference in whether you quit and collect or continue to work and collect is the amount of wages earned Florida will disregard first before they start to reduce your weekly benefit amount.

Currently I think the amount they disregard is
8 X the federal minimum wage (which is due to go up in July).

You'll actually have a little more money coming in per week this way. You can use the 25 hours a week you aren't working to look for a job.

It's the sensible thing to do.


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