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Does a CDL Training Program Exist for people on unemployment?

by Jonathan
(Yonkers, N.Y. USA)

Scenario: I have a friend that is on unemployment in New York and she wants to get her cdl license. She heard about a program that unemployment would pay for her cdl training after she received the cdl permit. My question is does such a program exist and if so what is the maximum points allowed on your license to qualify for this program?


I'm not familiar with New York's approved CDL training providers, but I do know that my state has a approved CDL training program available.

I don't know if points charged against a regular driver's license are a problem for partaking in such a training program, but I'm certain the unemployment department should be able to tell you if it will be a problem.

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Mar 01, 2013
by: Blessed One


If your in the NYC are check out Red Hook on The Roads. They offer cdl prep classes and much more. I just passed my cdl permit test this past Tuesday thanks to them and I'm on my way to next phase.

Hope this helps

Dec 08, 2010
Work Investment Act
by: Anonymous

Check work investment act in your local city

Or check for state approved training, i.e., "California state approved training"

Jul 26, 2010
CDL Training
by: Anonymous

Yes you are only allowed 6 points. This is a federal regulation. You can go to USDOT and look through their site. States also have their own regs., but states must follow the federal regs. and can add to them hope this helps

Thank Anonymous, I made USDOT a link. It sounds like this subject is just like most federal laws .. Federal laws gives the minimum requirements and the guidelines for a state wanting to expand a law.

As a sidenote, getting a CDL can open the door to a lot of different "driving" jobs. The trick, though is to find a company that will provide the job experience .. some trucking companies will pay for the CDL training if work for them.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that .. driving a big tractor/trailer is not as easy as some might think .. and in my opinion .. it comes with HUGE responsibilities for not only doing the job, but the safety factors .. considering your job is on "public roads".

It's also a lot of work .. Have I ever mentioned that my husband and I both have CDL's:)) which we do maintain .. just in case.


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