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does being laid off less than two weeks prior to major surgery exempt you from job searches for the period of time you are unable to drive?

Since my employer knew I was having major surgery less than two weeks after the day they laid me off, is there an exemption from NC regarding job searches for the 6-week period of time you are unable to drive?


The only things I know of that may exempt you from searching for a job is to have "job attached" status during a layoff or being exempted while attending "state approved training".

Your issue is neither. It is one of not being able and available for work during your recovery.

Being able and available for work while unemployed is a basic unemployment eligibility requirement.

When your doctor releases you .. then you can start collecting again as soon as you prove this to the state .. which is usually just a matter of faxing them a copy of the doctor's release.

You will, however, have to decide if you will continue filing and checking the box "no" which asks if you are able and available .. or waiting and reopening your claim when you do become able and available again .. and able to prove it.


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