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Does EDD routinely verify your work-search record?

by Greg
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

I haven't kept good track of my work search, so won't be able to provide my unemployment office with much tangible proof. How does EDD typically verify your contacts with employers? I now have to list all the people I've applied for a job with.

Hi Greg,

I honestly do not know the EDD's internal policy for verifying work search records, but not everyone is checked.

Therefore, I have always assumed that in states without requirements to report to the employment office periodically that those chosen for audits were randomly selected.

Kind of like a cop randomly selects one from a group of speeding cars:)

Thanks for the question. It not something everyone would think to ask about.

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Jul 10, 2012
work history
by: Anonymous

How do they obtain my work history?

New Hire Reporting systems.

Although the link above promotes the idea NHR is being used to locate deadbeat parents .. a person would have to be pretty simple minded to not speculate as to how our employment history is very valuable information to both government and business.

On December 8, 2010, President Obama signed the Claims Resolution Act into law (Public Law 111-291)..

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