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Does EDD verify your schedule with schools?

(California Unemployment Benefits and School)

Does EDD verify your schedule with schools?

I have been receiving unemployment for about 6 months, and have opted to start going to school this semester. I have a phone interview coming up, and I am worried that my unemployment will be canceled if I tell the truth. In fact, I'm rather certain if I told the whole truth, I would definitely lose my benefits.

My question is: will the EDD verify the school schedule I give them with the school? If not, then I can simply tell them that I am only going to night classes. However, if they do, then I'll be in deep trouble if they find out that that is not the case (which it isn't).


I don't know if they verify the schedule with the school you're going to or even if they ask detailed questions about your schedule or specifically what school you're going to.

Can someone answer this question with their EDD phone interview experience?

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Sep 04, 2012
Unemployment to school
by: Anonymous

I returned to school by filing an exemption form.which unemployment reviews. The career centers will only tell you about it if you ask. Unemployment requires you are a full time student. IN KEntucky they require your school to fill out the form also. Once that form is returned.they. review it. It took me one day to receive an answer.Also your training has to be in a field where work Will be available upon graduation. I would suggest medical or a technology field.

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