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Does Florida allow a newly self-employed person to report part time earnings AFTER out of pocket expenses for starting that business is paid off?

by J.O.
(Tampa, FL)

I am currently on unemployment, and i am thinking about signing up to be an independent consultant for a candle company doing home parties on the weekends. There is an out of pocket expense associated with this. So I wont be "earning" any money until my small investment is paid off. I want to be sure that I don't have to report my earnings until my small investment is paid off. I know in other States this is the process, but i havent been able to find anything about Florida. Thank you.

Hi J.O.

I think you should call the Florida unemployment department and ask them the question .. and then I think you should come back here and tell us what they said.

It's an issue and I've talked to people who have had their benefits stopped for not reporting commissions in the week they were earned vs. the week they were paid .. let alone discounting commissions to make up for out of pocket expenses to get started.

The problems could be twofold .. what you earn and when you earn it and a failure to report it and then an "able and available issue if they aren't clear about whether you are still looking for a full-time job or devoting all your time to the "candle business".

The reason to call and document the call to the state of Florida is to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem and then if it does .. you'll have the documentation of the call including the date and time and who told you what.

If you can email the question, which I believe you can .. that would be even better.

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