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Does New Jersey pay for unemployment and school as well?

by rose
(new jersey)


I live in New Jersey and have been unemployed for almost a year now. I'm currently collecting unemployment. Recently, I've consider going back to school to get a graduate degree. Does the state of New Jersey allow you to collect unemployment while going back to school part time/full time? Also, are there any government aids or any other sources that will help fund my education to improve my work skills while I'm not working? Thank you!


Hi Rose,

I doubt you will get any WIA grant money for graduate school, but you might for certifications needed to bolster a degree.

The USDOL says this about collecting unemployment while attending school in NJ.

"Yes, claimant is disqualified, including vacation periods, unless student earned wages sufficient to qualify
for benefits while attending school."

It says also that the statutes specifically mentions students.

That would make me nervous about collecting unemployment and then starting school as an after thought because you're out of work.

The language seems to suggest that unless you are receiving unemployment from a job you held while concurrently going to school, you would have a good chance of being found not able and available for work just because you didn't go to school while you held the job you're collecting benefits from.

I do believe NJ has training benefits, but I doubt graduate school is covered under training benefits in any state.

Maybe student financial aid is the option you're looking for to make graduate school possible so you don't have to work?

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Jan 27, 2010
Does New Jersey pay for unemployment and school as well?
by: Anonymous

Hi Chris,

Your right about NJ unemployment providing grants for certificate programs. Its just that when you fill out the questionaire on the unemployment form, it seems as if you are taking classes part-time (night and weekends where it doesn't affect your ability to look for or actually work a job if one happens to become available) then you don't have to report that you are going to school? Maybe I'm wrong. I will try and call the State of NJ and find out. Thank you


May 27, 2010
tuition waiver
by: Anonymous

If you qualify for a Tuition Waiver you must attend school full-time and are exempt from searching for a job /

Jan 06, 2011
Tuition Waiver
by: Anonymous

How do you go about getting a tuition waiver. I went to college for 3 yrs and quit like a dummy. thanks

Care to share more .. like maybe what school in what state you want a waiver from .. or are you employed and expecting something along these lines from an employer?

Or are you looking for some type of government grant or financial aid to pay for your last year of college?

Not that I'm an expert or anything, but I do appreciate a question every now and then that doesn't include the word unemployment .. so I can look for something new and interesting to read to bring back for your consideration.


Jan 22, 2011
Unemloyment paying for grad school
by: Anonymous

I have a question about unemployment paying for graduate school in New Jersey. I have been on unemployment for 1 year and been in graduate school for 1 1/2 years. I started graduate school while I was still working but then I got laid off. Does anyone know if unemployment will pay for my Master's, this program is part-time at night so it does not interfere with looking for a job or a full time job during the day. Please let me know if anyone is in this situation or what I should do?

Hi Anonymous,

I'm not sure where, but I believe there is a comment under one of the questions about unemployment and school that says you can't obtain government grants, such as the kind most often available through the unemployment department for graduate school .. only under graduate.

As far as I know, if someone attending graduate school wanted a grant to help pay .. it would require some sort of exchange after graduating .. like working for the government.

But, if there is one .. I think you might start looking here.

You can also click the logo at the top and fill out that questionnaire that Keven Trudeau always says you need to buy a book to find.

Feb 24, 2012
Yes you can receive unemployment...
by: Anonymous

I received unemployment while attending school full time, and it was online. You have to present a letter from the school stating that you are a full time student in order to continue to receive benefits.

As far as State funded programs, I know they have them and pay I believe up to $4000 and yes it is a certificate program. Not all of them are at night, some classes must be taken during the day. I guess it depends on the school.

Apr 07, 2012
Can some one help
by: Anonymous

If I went to school once through unemployment W.I.A program and graduated, Can I go again?

Jul 14, 2012
Does Unemployment Pay for School When Benefits are Exhausted
by: Anonymous

will unemployment pay for school if your benefits are exhausted

It's not unemployment itself that pays for school. Just like payment of unemployment benefits .. grants for job training and vocational schools are the result of some act or another .. and then all the states get to name the program that hands out the grant money.

So, realistically, the employment half of what we call the unemployment department is supposed to be responsible for assisting anyone interested in finding out about all the programs that may offer educational grants provided to "individuals" which don't require repayment (but there's still strings) and of course .. student loans .. through federal aid .. which of course must be repaid.

Like all things government .. the structure of how things work is complicated and the dissemination of information about the opportunities .. isn't all that great because to reduce costs .. they have moved to "self service" instead of "live assistance".

Here's where I would start looking for grants for school if I lived in New Jersey.

By the way, I'm seeing more and more focus on self employment. I think this is a result of how the last unemployment extension passed. It provided incentives to states for developing SEAP's (Self Employment Assistance Programs).

For years now Well .. since tier 2, I wondered why this type of program wasn't pushed more because everyone knew .. or should of known that new jobs weren't being created .. because they went missing due to exportation!!

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