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Does receiving unemployment benefits affect me? Texas

by Anonymous

I was just wondering if filing an unemployment claim would affect any records: credit, future job opportunities, taxes, etc.

Hi Anonymous,

I think your question just opens up the possibility of all kinds of discussions about the effect receiving unemployment benefits can have on a person, but I'll limit myself:)

I don't think it can directly affect your credit report except in that it's more difficult to pay your bills timely, but it does have an effect on your taxes because we have to pay taxes on unemployment benefits. I think it's a wise idea to have the taxes withheld. This would just be my preference because I don't like being surprised at tax time .. and getting a bill instead of a refund.

Future job opportunities I think this can have the biggest effect, but probably not in the way you meant it.

After someone starts to collect unemployment benefits they have to start looking for work and in most states is must be fulltime work. They are not precluded from accepting part time work, but the goal is fulltime. Many people are unaware that they could be in danger of losing benefits if they take a job that for some reason doesn't work out.

Unemployment benefits can come to a halt if they refuse or quit a job they started subsequent to the start of a claim. Everyone should familarize them self with what their state considers "Suitable work" and the statutes regarding "refusal of work".

It might be worthy of noting also that if a person is fired from their job or quits under less than amicable conditions .. they should find out how their former employer is responding to a prospective employer .. just in case an employer crosses any "legal boundary".

Back to the credit for a moment. Did you know that the largest unemployment third party vendor is owned by one of the three major credit reporting agencies? All one has to have to imagine the possible ramifications of this is to have a vivid imagination.

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