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Does your employer have to pay you for your accrued sick and vacation time, when you (the employee) seperate and give a 2 week notice before doing so, (resigning)?

by D'yell
(South Carolina)

I have been on my job for 5 years. I resigned because I am relocating to another state.(I now reside in south carolina, but am moving to new jersey in less than a week). My employer said they will pay me for my vacation time which is 20.0 Hours but not my sick time, which is 100+ hours. Is this legal especially since the sick time just like the vacation time is what was accrued during my course of employment there?


You should verify this with South Carolina's labor laws in case there is an exception, but whether an employer has to pay accrued sick time or not is usually a matter of their own policy.

At least it is in the state where I live. There is no law which forces them to pay it.

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