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Doing Jewelry Shows

by Mona Villalpando
(Banning, CA USA)

I was a hostess for a Jewelry Show and the net sales were $530.00. I was given free jewelry based on sales and then I got a check for 9.00 with a stub that I earned $159.00 in commission but $150.00 were deducted for jewelry kit. I got a total of $9.00. I reported the $159.00 to EDD because I am getting unemployment benefits. My benefits were stopped until I interview with them. I am not employed by this company and it was a one time deal. I have been told by others I shouldn't have reported this income. Does EDD consider this employment? Many people are selling Avon, other products and not reporting....because those companies don't pay employee benefits like unemployment insurance, etc.

The EDD wants to know if you are able and available and looking for a "real job". See AA 360 G

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