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Dont understand denial

by justin L

Im in Ks, and believe I qualify under 2 statutes-

The first, my boss violated the confidentiality agreement and told everyone in a meeting what I earned. (This was against their own company policy and in handbook, and I have witness statements), and the second statute basically states another offense in which they requested I do something that was not legal.
The employer did not wish to fight me, but I was denied anyway because they said I left without reasons attributed to employer- and more or less stated that I didn't want to work. Doesn't make sense as I fought to get the issues addressed with the company multiple times and they said what 'was done was done', and wouldn't fix anything so I quit. It wasn't like I never said anything and left.

I don't understand my denial- esp as I submitted evidence. You think they just didn't read it or did I go wrong somewhere?

Hi Justin,

Are you talking about an initial unemployment determination or an unemployment appeal hearing decision?

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