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Drawing unemployment from Missouri while living and working part-time in Illinois

by laura f
(st elmo illinois)

I'm drawing unemployment from Missouri, but now living and working part-time in Illinois

I relocated to Illinois to care for my 81 year old blind mother. I worked in Missouri and now draw unemployment from Missouri.

I took a temp agency position in Illinois to work at a factory, they work you a few weeks-days then nothing for awhile my mom really needs me here with question is can i continue to get my mo unemployment and not return to this temp job in Illinois?


No I don't believe you would. The reason being that even if you did manage to quit with an ability to show good cause .. One of the eligibility conditions to collect unemployment is that you must be able and available for work .. and in some states .. they mean full-time work.

A state needs a special part-time worker provision allowing a person to limit a job search to part-time .. and then you have to be careful about meeting the conditions that the provision provide.

Illinois has a limited part time work provision .. Missouri does not have one at all.

Regardless, all states are mandated to have laws that require you to be able and available for at least some kind of work to collect unemployment .. the only exception to this is when a state has a special disability unemployment program.

These programs are also varied and take up the slack of no money coming in while on FMLA or medical leave much like STD does.

But this is another discussion and is relevant only in a number of states it would not take all ten of my fingers to count.

The coincidence for you and I Laura is that when I stopped collecting unemployment and decided to start earning money from this website .. it's because I was forced to make a personal decision about not looking for work anymore. My state, like most, provides no workaround for this problem.

I only do this website thingy .. worked into the rest of my day caring for my 87 year old legally blind mother-in-law .. she also some dementia going on, but luckily it's not Alzheimers.

It became apparent to us .. that even if I had found another job .. we would be negligent and blind ourselves to fail to provide the full-time care we knew she needed.

Her pension and social security put her well over the limits for medicaid .. yet it wasn't enough to pay for daily in home care .. 5 days a week.

It was .. a rock and a hard place .. but it has worked out quite well .. thank to which made us slippery to the point we popped out of the hard place .. instead of squished like bugs.

When we need a break .. we have the most wonderful neighbor anyone could hope to have .. Bless you Shirley!!

Laura is your mother eligible for medicaid?

I know it is easier to get on medicaid for in home care vs. the alternative.


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