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eleget cell phone use

by Jaylese

owner of business start making comments like, she wanted her race to start working in her store because they dont steal and they are dependable. We had just fired two people for stealing. After that was said she started highering only her race. When me and other co-workers started to complain of the language differences the owner got angry. Then we noticed that she started to pick on anyone who made a complain on the language barrier. I have been employed thier since 1/28/08 she stared to put her race ahead of everyone else. They would be a crew member for a few months and she would make them superisors when others have been employed with her for years.I made a complaint to the owner about this and told her i felt like i was being harrassed. the next day i noticed one of the supervisors that i made the complaint on fumbling near wear my phone was. when i went to look for my phone it was moved so i called it from another co workers phone it had been hidden. A hour later the owner arrived and told me to clock out for good for using the phone.


And what is it you want to know?

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