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Employed but not working!

by Kendra

Hi I am currently employed, however since there's not enough work only senior members can work what-ever is available. I have been wasting gas trying to find jobs and filling out online apps to no end. I'm kinda fed up what are my options if any.

I'm assuming you mean what are your options as far as being able to collect unemployment?

The questions is .. are you partially unemployed now and might you be able to receive partial unemployment benefits due to what sounds like (you weren't specific about how much you used to work as compared to now) a lack of work or a severe reduction in hours that can be a reason to file an unemployment claim due to lack of work.

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Sep 17, 2015
I am in a similiar Situation
by: Anonymous

My employer was only working me 20 hours every two weeks and I asked for a low earnings slip. He provided me with two stating that way he wouldn't have to worry about losing me as an employee. That was in June. We started having communication issues because he wanted me to work "On Call" whenever he needed. Some days he had work, others he didn't. A month ago, he text me to call him at 10:00 at night and said he had called the house twice already and if I didn't call I no longer worked for him. I called but he didn't answer. That was on a Friday. I text and called Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday. I went and filed my unemployment on Tuesday and text him that I assumed I was terminated. That evening he called and asked me to come back. And agreed to the $3.00 per hour raise he assured me I'd get months before.

I called the Unemployment office that Thursday and told them to cancel the claim. Apparently he received the claim notice and hasn't worked me but one day since. It's been 3 weeks. I asked him today for a low earnings slip which he said he wouldn't provide. SO I am employed but not working.... What do I do? I've tried finding another job and right now theres nothing else available and I can't just sit at home waiting. I feel that he is punishing me, Please HELP!

File the claim! If he didn't fire you, and you didn't refuse the on call status and then he gave you a raise and you're able to prove this wild story as the credible story with proof (low earning slips, whatever that might be, paystubs, texts messages and phone calls to him .. it sounds like it might just be a temporary layoff .. if we're confining the conversation to just unemployment insurance benefits.

Of course .. there could potentially be a denial argument in all this if you did in fact refuse suitable work.


PS He may very well be punishing you, but all really comes down to for me is I feel like I need to ask you more questions, but I'm limiting myself to just one.

How will you prove punishment as the motive if you can't see how to prove you might have a valid unemployment claim for PARTIAL benefits .. when he won't work you?

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