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Employement was terminated then was asked to work the next day. wil this help my unemployement claim?

by josh

I was recently let go for falsifying hours on my time sheet. what happened is myself and 2 other managers one being the head of hr department took lunch and forgot to clock in and out. I received a text massage from the operations manager a few days later telling me not to report in to work the next day and that I would receive a call from either him or the owner the next day.

I was never contacted back I sent texts, calls and emails to him about the situation with no response at all. I received a disciplinary warning with my paycheck on Friday saying i was terminated on the sheet the warning date section. But after I received the notice I was contacted by the same person who gave me the check and notice and was asked to work the next day.

I went in and worked the next day and was told I was going to be payed cash for that day. After that Saturday I was not contacted back by anyone at the company.
I was wondering if me working the next day will help my case if my old boss decides to fight my claim?

Chris's Response About Inadvertent Time Card Falsification

Yes, I suppose it might help if you could prove it happened that way. Meaning the employer had you work one more day after the termination and paid you cash.

Other than that .. it sounds like a weak case of intentional falsification of a time card, or intentional theft of time.

Were the other managers fired as well? Or as "other managers", were they not required to clock in and out for lunch?

Had you received prior written warnings about not clocking in .. or out, prior to your termination?

Or, was this a one time mistake that an unemployment department may also not think rises to a level necessary to sustain work related misconduct?

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