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Employer caught lying at unemployment hearing.

I quit my job because I was being harmed by the chemicals on the job. I filed for unemployment. when the company was asked they said I was fired for misconduct.

At the hearing they kept saying I was a danger, have been threatening and lost lots of time...

The judge asked them if I was fired....they said no, he quit.

I could tell that the judge was honing in on fired or quit. They said quit. If the judge sees this as a reversal of their original claim of terminated, is that good news for me.

They kept trying to rake me over the coals but judge would hear none of it and said, you said he quit and that is all irrelevant now, so I won't consider it as testimony.

Does it sound good for me?

It does sound good if you were also able to prove you had good cause to quit by exhausting all your alternatives to quitting due to problems with the chemicals on the job.

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