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Employer changes sales policies which severely limit an employees ability to be paid bonus money

by JJ

I am a service advisor for an auto dealer. Our job since I started is to sell sell sell. We were using a 30,000 mile interval between things like brake, power steering and transmission services. Also we are expected to sell at least $8200 a week at a rate no lower than $70 per ticket and 1.4 labor hrs a ticket. Now the manager decides that we should only do what is recommended by the manufacturer which will severely limit the amount of money we make each week. If we cant sell $8200 each week we are paid only our guarantee.We are being told that we will just have to do a better job to hit our numbers or they will find someone who can. I am sick and tired of being told that I will be written up, threatened and now having my ability to make extra money each week limited in this way. They are doing the honest thing for the customers but making no provisions for the employees to assist them in hitting their sales numbers. I can get just as much on unemployment as I do at my base salary and NOT have to work fifty plus hrs a week to do it.

So, you want to quit because your employer has decided to come clean and be honest and do the right thing by their customers. Did they get in trouble with some state agency for being dishonest?

I will tell you right now quitting to collect unemployment because your base salary pays the same as unemployment will not be good cause.

Quitting because your employer is now being honest will not be good cause.

But a substantial change in the conditions of hire .. might be .. depending upon whether you can prove it.

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