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Employer Downsized and Laid Off In Nov 2016. Looking for work and did 1 day temp assignment through agency. Application question

by John
(United States)

When I fill my application out my technical last employer was a one day assignment through an California employment agency. They have not had further work for me. My last full time work was November 15, 2016 from my California employer of 18 years which downsized from lack of work. What do I put for my last work assignment since the temp agency is not going to have the same reason as my full-time employer but they will be contacted as my last employer. Any advice on how to approach this is appreciated.


Are you saying the unemployment benefit application specifically ask what your last work "assignment" was, or does it simply ask who your last employer was?

I suspect the latter, but even if I'm wrong .. that's what makes sense to me.

Ones initial unemployment eligibility is generally adjudicated relative to the last, or most recent separation from a job whether that separation occured after eighteen years, or one day of work subsequent to the layoff.

And when working for a temp agency, subsequent to establishing an unemployment claim .. it would be the last employer when one reopens a claim that began with another employer.

Me .. I'd be putting the temp agency at the top of my list, as my last employer, to avoid any possibility that saying otherwise, could be interpreted by the unemployment department (EDD in CA) as a misrepresentation of facts when applying.

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