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employer feels I comitted a misconduct

by Chris

I was denied unemployment in New York. A letter came saying everything was reversed by the judge. I was paid payments up to $ 6000.00, due $ 7000.00, I have a thousand left. The day I was paid all back pay due, I paid all bills owed to everyone. The next day a letter came saying the company I worked for wants to appeal and I know have a court date. My question is if I paid all my bill and the court favors the decision to my old employer. How do I pay back? If I don't have the money... Is there a payment plan? And when I am employed again?

Hi Chris,

Tell me about your hearing. Did the employer attend?

Before I start talking about unemployment overpayments and how a state gets the money back, let's discuss what you need to do next.


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May 31, 2009
Repaying New York Unemployment benefits
by: Chris - webmaster:)

Yes, that is an employer appeal and if you lose at hearing you'll want to understand how New York may recover the benefits. Pay attention because there is a difference if it is determined the reason you received the benefits was due to fraud. Click Overpayments on this page.

I have no idea if you need an attorney or rep. You didn't tell me anything about your situation, but if you think you do see this page at the NY Dept. of Labor

May 31, 2009
The employer has appealed my unemployment benefits
by: Anonymous

When I started to recieve unemployment the decision was made by the Administrative judge. The letter sent to me said. " the information in file is not sufficient to refute the claimant's statement, therefore, he is considered to be credible. I did'nt go to a hearing yet. I'm set for a upcoming date in two weeks. The employer request was on may 19th. ( Stamped on letter) I have been out of work since December 13th. I have a notice to appear. The following reasons for the hearing:
Loss of employment through misconduct.
Employer's objection to claimant's entitlement.
Do I need to contact a lawyer for this hearing?

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