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Employer gives me the choice to resign or be terminated? What to do??

by Jules

I have worked for this company for 3 months. From the start the manager would say to me "do you really think this is the right fit for you?".

I was written up for non policy related issues (questioning manager style, talking about another employee on the floor, and challenging the manager- insubordination was his words).

I was suspended for the HR investigation and after that they said that since I was in my probationary period "I was not the right fit" and said it was my choice if I wanted to resign or be terminated.

I see from reading your site that being terminated is the way to go to collect UI, but it does not feel right since I did do the job well it was personality related as to why it did not work out.

What to do??


Try searching for questions which use word and phrases .. like "forced resignation" "quit in lieu of discharge" .. and so you know the difference "quit in anticipation of discharge".

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