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Employer has 2 locations - Florida

by Jon Finsness
(Folkston, GA)

I was hired to work in the second location, 10 miles from my house as "site manager". Sales are off, customers are few, and he wants to close this second location and bring me to his first location 45 miles from the house. The second location will remain as an "unmanned warehouse". The first location already has 5 employees in it, and we'll be tripping over each other to run the two computers there. This guy and I do not get along. We work well together when separated by 30 miles. I told him that I would be happy to work for him in the second location. He told me that my job would be in the first location before long. I cannot afford that commute. I'm 56 years old and don't need that aggravation. I hinted that he could lay me off, he hinted that I could quit. If I quit, what are my odds (without a lawyer). If I go to the first location, am I defacto accepting his terms.

Hi Jon,

Florida Statute does say that there may be good cause due to the distance to work, but they don't state what too far might be.

This would be a change in the condition of employment and it is being cause by the employer .. not because you moved 35 miles away.

A substantial change in the conditions is often the "good cause" for quitting. I just don't know if an extra 35 miles will be enough of a change.

I suggest you call a Florida Appeal office and ask. Or you can try Asking the State of Florida where there unemployment decision digest is. I'd certainly like to know.

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