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Employer laid me off and then told unemployment I quit.

by mike
(new jersey)

I was working for a pipeline company called henkel and mccoy. I had been there for several weeks. I was a welder on the job. Foreman comes up to me and said, won't be needing you you're laid off. Got lay off papers and 2 checks. Now he is saying I quit. So, I had the phone interview with the unemployment office. Faxed them my lay off slip. I am still waiting to hear back from unemployment office. Since I had proof what do you think the final decision will be.

Hi Mike,

I say if all is as you tell me .. meaning the slip said laid off and not discharged .. then it absolutely should go your way .. because it does prove the employer misreported your separation to unemployment and a lay off is a lack of work .. not a voluntary quit .. wouldn't you agree?


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