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Employer lies at appeal hearing, Decision for benefits reversed. Appealing the Appeal decision.

I worked for a collection agency as a 3rd party debt collector for a family owned business, the son of the owner was my immediate supervisor.On each account we collect a percentage of that goes towards our commission, each day we are given a pay sheet showing our daily totals and then our names are placed on a board in the office from who collected the most to who collected the least. I had collected an account for a substantial amount (over six THOUSAND) dollars & at the end of the day i noticed i was not given the correct amount on my pay sheet from that account, i told my supervisor of the problem, they advised me it would be fixed the next day, however, the next day the issue was NOT corrected, None of my supervisors came to me to tell me this, i did not know it had not been fixed until the pay sheets were passed oout (which is 15 min prior to our shift ending) at that time i asked one supervisor how to file a complaint, she told me she didnt want to hear it, i went to the owners son (another one of my supervisor's) and asked him how to file a complaint, he COMPLETELY ignored me and refused to look my way, i then went to a third manager and began to ask her how to file a complaint, she told me she doesn't take complaints and she didnt want to hear it, and she knows it wasnt fixed and it would be fixed monday. as i was leaving to walk away from her office another employee (who was clocked out) asked me what happened, before i could even tell her what happened the owners son walked up to me and asked me to come in

the office, he then told me if i wanted to file a complaint i could 'call my husband and complain to him because he didnt want to hear the SHIT", he also made statements that if i didnt be quiet i would be "talkin to the unemployment board", i advised him i had the right to file a complaint and thats what i wanted to do, he gave me my final check that day! I filed for unemployment and it was granted. the employer appealed the decision and I was not able to make it to the hearing, however I did send it a written decleration, HOWEVER the employer completely LIED about the whole incident, stating that i was disruptive, i used vulgur language, and that I refused to let the situation go, they also brought up my attendance issues from over a month prior to this situation and stated that I was warned about my language before. all of which was not true, I did have a prior write up for attendence but never for my language! They brought 3 managers to the hearing all testifying that i was being disruptive and using bad language, what can I do? i am being railroaded! I feel like they are lying to prevent themselves from having to pay for my unempployment. Is there anything I can do? after the incident i filed a complaint with the human resources department giving full detail of everything that happen, I also sent a copy of this in with my written declaration. I have appeald the appeallent judges decision to overturn my unemployment, but im worried that due to their statements i am still going to loose... do u have any info for me?

I'm wondering why you didn't get professional help with your appeals from the gitgo.

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