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Employer trying to contest benefits after I already received 6 months

by Amber
(Waterloo, Iowa)

I need to know what I need to do in my situation. My supervisor and I had a discussion in late November about being laid off at the end of the year. She told me on Dec. 2nd that my last day of work would be Dec. 23rd. I filed for unemployment benefits and have received six months worth and now they are contesting it and saying I voluntarily quit. But there would have been no reason for me to quit. I was due on January 10th and was possibly going to use up to 12 weeks for maternity leave if I had any complications, which I did not and ended up deliving on Dec. 23rd. I would have returned back to work in early January had they not told me my last day of work would be 12/23. I would have worked until August 12th and then my contract would have been up and would have gotten unemployment benefits because of that. We had daycare lined up for all three of my children and would have been employed until 8/12/2010 but instead they told me my last day would be 12/23. So I'm not sure what I need to do to prove my case when we have the fact finding hearing. There is no documentation between me and my supervisor or the employer that I contracted through. I do have an email that I sent to my husband on Dec. 2nd on what my supervisor told me. This is what the emails says, "So I will be laid off starting December 23rd. I did tell her that if they hadn't hired someone to replace me by the time that I leave then I would come back in January to train the new person for a week or two. Plus, I have to put together a workbook of everything I do and how to run transactions and I'm going to train her on some stuff so she can help train the new person. I let her know that if a job comes up to let me know and she said that she would talk to her supervisor about that too." I did take out the names of my supervisor and her supervisor. If I was quitting then I wouldn't have gone thru the trouble of training other people and putting together documentation for the next person plus I wouldn't have asked them the date I could leave, I would have told them when I was quitting. HELP!!!

Again, I'm happy to help anyone with their individual unemployment problems, but I do not do free consultations via free questions. To help individuals I need details.

Additionally, it sounds like you worked for a temp agency or a staffing or employee leasing agency which makes you their employee .. not the client company's

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