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Emplyer not following through with procedures

by Randy
(San Diego)

I worked in a cabinet shop as a detailer and wasbasically throrn into the job with out any specifics about how they built their cabinets and the resulting first job I assumed was already to go to the shop was in fact not ready and had many errors in it. We had a staff meeting and the result of the meeting was that my employer and my self would check each others work (as he was also detailing jobs) after several more jobs went through from both of us (I was never invited ti check his work) there were more errors in both of our jobs, I reminded him of the procedure (he initiated) he never responded. At this point I realized this was not going to work and went in a told him this was not working and I was resigning, he neither agreed or disagreed but, accepted my resignation and even told me he would use me in the future to do customer presentation drawings only but, have never heard from him again. I feel I quit in lieu of or in anticipation of being discharged as this was still in my probationary period. I was denied benefits as not meeting good cause as I didn't know about this site and just told the interviewer I just didn't click with my employer, do I have any chance of a claim of in lieu or anticipation or is there another "good cause" i could use.

Hi Randy,

Very, very doubtful. Quitting in anticipation of discharge is disqualifying, Quitting in lieu of discharge is when the employer allows you to resign instead of firing you .. so it's basically a discharge for adjudicating the separation.


I can't think of anything helpful to tell you.

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